Dinosaurs vs Cockroaches — A lesson for Entrepreneurs

I hope you will learn something from this and I hope this will motivate you during these hard times.Okay ,this might sound weird but what I’m about to tell you might change your life .But before we get to the point let me give you a little introduction about prehistoric animals . You already know what Dinosaurs and Cockroaches are, one group made into Hollywood and others are squirming around your toilet waiting for you to sit down so they can bite your ass .

Jokes aside if you didn’t already know, Cockroaches are prehistoric animals too ,yeah!! you heard that right ,their history dates back to 320 millions years ,they are older than dinosaurs .AND THEY ARE STILL HERE!! .Why? Because they have a super power .Yes and their superpower is adaptability .They have the capacity to survive the harshest conditions that mother nature can throw at them ,even the most advanced pesticides in the world cant kill them .They keep on coming back . The difference is dinosaurs , couldn’t adapt . Dinosaurs didn’t make adjustments, either because they didn’t feel they needed to, or couldn’t understand why they needed to and they DIED .

See the lesson here is if you want to survive in this world don’t act like Dinosaurs ,don’t act like you are immune to failure don’t act like you are inevitable .Get out from that dream bumble and get in to the reality you are probably broke and living in your mother’s basement while taking bank loans to live up to the expectations of people you don’t even like, throwing parties like your bank account is limitless .You if get offended by that, good .

Act like a cockroach, now I don’t want you to go and lick toilet seats . World is a dangerous place and the only way you will survive is if you learn how to adapt to the situation that’s you are facing .Life will literally try to destroy you in to pieces. but when life throw you lemons it wont give you any warnings ,without you even knowing it you will be at a ditch .You will be faced with two options ,you can cry like a little girl or you can face your problems and rise from the ashes like a phoenix .You could either adapt or be forever extinct. If you are struggling with money, before you ask for a handout or blame the universe, think about your spending and earning . If your business is struggling think about how you are marketing yourself ,adapt to the market. Learn new things ,word is changing and if you don’t learn about new changes you will be a dinosaur . Garry Vee recently said that “People love capitalism and entrepreneurship when it’s easy. When it’s hard, they start crying a little a bit” .All the successful and rich people have faced hardships ,the reason why they are successful is because they faced those hardships ,if you don’t adapt to your situation you will not be able to be the person you want to become . So, If you are going through something in your life ,I want you to know that it is going to be over really soon ,but you have to keep up .

Welcome to my Journey ,Everything thats Entrepreneurship and Psychology

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Welcome to my Journey ,Everything thats Entrepreneurship and Psychology

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