• Mayantha Shaveen

    Mayantha Shaveen

    Obsessed with design and social entrepreneurship.

  • Jack Groves

    Jack Groves

    Freelance Tutor β€’ Incoming Law Student @NYU

  • KR Franklin

    KR Franklin

    Editor of Fellowship Writers

  • Harindu Pawan

    Harindu Pawan

  • Rebecca Sealfon

    Rebecca Sealfon

    Former software engineer at Google, U.S. National Spelling Bee champion, and synesthete, based in New York, NY. Loves books, liberal Judaism, and nature.

  • Ryan Moran, BSN, RN

    Ryan Moran, BSN, RN

    ICU Registered Nurse interested in healthcare reform, climate policy, and promoting international solidarity.

  • Sachin Kanishka

    Sachin Kanishka

    I WRITE CODE πŸ‘¨πŸΎβ€πŸ’»

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