Homo NovA — Who will take our place if humans went extinct ?

4 min readOct 9, 2021

Our Successors

“Everyone, deep in their hearts, is waiting for the end of the world to come.”

~Haruki Murakami~

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Do you ever think what will happen to us ? The ultimate apocalypse ? Will the human species survive anything and everything that is being thrown at them ? . Will we get replaced ? if so by whom ?

Why I am writing this article ?

After reading the above sentence you must be thinking “Is he on something?”. May be ? . I’m giving you an open invitation to my mind ,this is what the voices in my head talk about , this is how they THINK.

Lets Talk Evolution

The “Modern Man” or Homo Sapien Sapien (Us) we didn’t just came out of a cave in Africa like Marry Poppins . We evolved ,it all started 2.5 million years ago some Chimpanzee thought that he is done being a normal regular Chimpanzee ,he thought of standing up on his leg and using his thumb and be something special. I want to thank that Monkey because if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be writing this. The bellow image is a representation of our evolution ,you probably have seen this everywhere ,but for the sake of this article ,here is one more glimpse.

and the “Modern Man” Homo Sapien Sapien derived from Homo Erectus. Now what I want to tell you guys is that evolution is the process of the survival of the fittest ,the conditions around us changed and we changed with those conditions. We evolved and that change brought us here. Now evolution didn’t stop ,it is happening as we speak. Imagine, the environment around us changed and we couldn't change with it ? What would happen ? .

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Go to google and search “Why did Homo Erectus go extinct?” memorize the answer and then search the same thing with each and every species above. You will find different answers like Climate Change, Interbreeding and Ice age etc. They couldn’t adopt to the everchanging environment ,they couldn’t preserve their species so they went extinct ,but those ones who were strong enough to hold on started the next lineage.

Now imagine we, The Modern Man and Woman faces same thing ,lets erase us from the planet for a second. Who would take our place ? is there a species that is strong enough to pick up where we left ?

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Yes , I know what you are thinking ,I am going to rule out any possibility of alien invasion and uprising of Artificial Intelligence. Not because I don’t believe it but because I want to discuss the possibility of a Biological Organism replacing us.

Why Modern Primates (Monkeys)?

I was watching this Ted Talk by Dr Frans De Waal about Chimpanzees ,and the titles goes as Surprising Science of Alpha Males . (https://www.ted.com/talks/frans_de_waal_the_surprising_science_of_alpha_males?language=e) . Dr Fran’s Ted Talk is about showcasing the similarities between Alpha Chimpanzees and Alpha Humans . You might be thinking how is this talk about Alpha Males has anything to do with Chimpanzees replacing us . While I was watching the show what I came to realize was that these primates and their society assembles our society and it is way similar than you would anticipate. Given the fact that we originated from primates ,and seeing these amazing and crazy resemblance among them and us , I came to a conclusion that what if one day ,they will evolve to a level that they will be able to replace us. Any rational adult would agree with me that there is at least a 0.1% of possibility of this happening ,these modern primates are evolving at a faster rate that one day I believe they might replaces and become Homo Nova.

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The End… ?

“Everyone, deep in their hearts, is waiting for the end of the world to come.”

This is one of the favorite quotes I’ve ever heard and as beautiful and artistic this quote is it also scares me ,because its true. Someone asked me one day “What makes us humans” . In my humble opinion what makes us human is that we have psychological errors ,these errors have kept us alive for thousands of years but I fear that these same errors will be the same reason for our destruction. Next time when you go to the Zoo ,look at the monkeys over there and may be try not to look down on them.




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