How to help your friends to start their side hustle

We all want our people around us to be happy and successful ,and creating something that’s owned and operated by you give you so much joy and you want people around you to feel this . But what if your friends don’t want to embark on an entrepreneurial journey ?

So this article will teach you how to do it effectively . First let’s see why they are hesitant or don’t seem that interested in what you are saying to them .there could be two reasons

  1. You

Yeah you read that right ,its YOU ,you are bickering them all the time ,with these business ideas ,motivational quotes ,and what not. It is driving them nuts . Stop that immediately .Stop trying so hard ,stop motivating them EVERY SINGLE DAY . You think repetition will work ,YOU ARE WRONG ,it wont . There I said it .

Here’s why .

In Psychology ,we believe that someone goes through these stages before they CHANGE .Hold up ,let me explain . So the meaning of “Contemplation” “is self explanatory ,it means “Thinking of something” and “Pre Contemplation” is you haven’t even started of thinking about change .So while you are bombarding them with knowledge and wisdom and reasons as to WHY they should join your business or start their own side hustle they might be thinking about “Pizza” . So if they haven’t thought about changing ,what you are saying to them is useless information .

When someone is in these two stages , you should not be forcing them the idea as you are doing right now . Just Back the heck off . Now you might be wondering ,

“Hey so what should I do?”

Good question , You Wait .YOU wait till they reach the “Preparation” stage ,this is where the person actually have the thought of changing and gathering information on “How to change” . This is the moment for you to drop that knowledge you have been eagerly waiting of offer .

“So what ,you don’t want me to do anything before they reach prep stage?”

Okay , you should be doing something but ,not to the extreme levels ,gently nudge them , slowly plan the seed in their heads . Send them an article once in a while ,engage in conversations that will spark the inner Bill Gates in them . but Don’t force them .

“How would I know which stage they are in ?”

If you are reading this article that means they are either in “Pre Contemplation” or “Contemplation” stages , but when they reach “Preparation” stage ,they will be asking questions ,you will notice sudden changes in their behavior ,the things they post on socials will be different .You will see things that are out of the ordinary. Till then WAIT.

2. The Learning Curve

The second reason is The Learning Curve, it is a hypothetical curve that shows the progress of learning ,

So another reason why your friends are still not interested could be the fact that they are still at the beginning phase of the Learning Curve ,it takes time ,so if you are a good friend you would understand this and give them the opportunity of TIME to get there .People take time to learn ,Im pretty sure you did too .So Don’t force your friends ,if you think ,you are helping them by doing that ,you are not ,you are only pushing them away .


Again good question ,the best way to convince someone is to give them the gift of TIME they need and inspiration ,you calling them out isn't necessarily inspiration . I simply take action ,I do what needs to be done hoping my friends will be motivated and few of them have .That is the most effective efficient way of convincing your mate to start their entrepreneurial journey . These things take time and often they take trial and error ,so have patience .

Welcome to my Journey ,Everything thats Entrepreneurship and Psychology

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Welcome to my Journey ,Everything thats Entrepreneurship and Psychology

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